laboratorio artigiano borse tolfa

The brand La Tolfetana was created with the aim of bringing the international market, the ancient techniques of hand-crafted leather , using as a primary means of the online shop. Icon of company , is the famous Catana , a historical bag , lived for centuries , and came to us , due to its simplicity that have made this a must-have accessory of the “Italian hand-made”.

The Catana has ancient origins, already in 1880 in the workshops of Tolfa , characteristic small town in the province of Rome , this bag was designed and realized according to the needs of cowherds and muleteers of the place.

The quality of the materials used for the construction , such as the natural cowhide from Santa Croce, nearby Pisa, which reaches a maximum thickness of 2.8 cm makes this bag unique and indestructible , destined to last.

In the 60’s , the use of Catana , who from now turned into a container for food, drink and work tools, has been adopted with great success by students from across the country , turning this item in one of the most famous symbols the ideological revolution.

Our brand offers this bag secular , while maintaining the original characteristics ( design , workmanship and materials) , thanks to the passion of our craftsmen Tolfa , from past generations that have faithfully captured the ancient techniques of artisanal production of leather.

vera catana

lavorazione artigianale tolfaThe special material used , or the natural vegetable- tanned cowhide in Tuscany , as well as making the Catana resistant and indestructible , it turns in a total coloring of the bag, in fact, at the time of the lab, the product, presents a very light color almost similar to the skin tone of the body, with time instead due to exposure to light and weathering , will undergo a total change in color , assuming in turn shades of amber ever more brightly , until you get the buff par excellence.

Our Catana bags are available in three colors: natural leather, dark brown and olive green.

Our designs are made ​​entirely by hand and carefully : ” The craftsmanship ensures the uniqueness of each object.”