Our bags are Handmade in Italy

Our Brand bring from the past an handmade bags used since the 1500 , we use high quality natural tanned leather from the tuscany factory called “pelle al vegetale” , the model is unisex and are indestuctible.

The Leather is 2,5 mm thick and we have a selection of different colors, the new one is the limited edition vintage model elephant color .

borse in pelle vintage la tolfetana

The trends of handbag have been euphoria nowadays. Whether folks are interested to buy their clutch purse, or spend their money for a jute or straw handbag, they are ready for the upcoming items on the market. From spring, summer, autumn, and winter, there will be many different collections awaited to be purchased. Every woman knows that this is their thing. Handbag is certainly one of the most essential items for their fashion statement. To keep their wardrobe updated, they tend to invest more for something unique, which handmade bags from Italy can offer. There are many reasons why they have been following this trend. Not only that handbag is important and practical for their activities, but it also represents their personal taste and makes them stand out of the crowd. Handmade bags companies in Italy are very aware of this. Thus, there is no need to surprise that you will find a lot of choices when it comes to natural tanned leather made in Italy.

In the past, handbag can help a lot in carrying items that woman needs when traveling. But today, a bit different, handbag is also a fashion statement. It is an important item that shows woman’s pride and royalty. With a pure brand loyalty they carry on, they are acknowledged by surrounding people. Italy is highly rated for its handmade designer handbags, more especially in producing such quality natural tanned leather.

The remarkable designer handbags have been created according to each season. A fall handbags trend will always be different from that of a spring handbag collection. You will find a lot of styles and designs from different brands. A fine designed handbag offer a versatile trend identity and certainly the “stand-out” label of the users is granted. Handmade bags from Italy are products that can make women proud of themselves. Acknowledging that your bag is on a kind that is made of natural tanned leather will give you high esteem that will leave men distract their work by looking at you. When it comes to artful design of handmade remarkable piece, such interesting colors to enhance the bag’s appearance is beautifully done. You can look at our store as the good start. Our products are handmade in italy bags. Most of our handbags models are unisex and indestructible. If you are outing a lot, then our handbags are suitable for you!  Don’t hesitate to drop by our store and find your personal handbags.